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Manipulation of clay fosters creativity and depth perception, enhances the sensory and perceptual activity by improving body coordination. The project intends to be seen as a stimulus to the recovery and the acquisition of good manual skills. Starting from playful moments, easy to learn methods and techniques are applied in order to give to the child a new language of creative expression and communication.

Psychomotor activity

Motor activity is a time to promote aggregation and cooperation among . Everyone, with his own contribution, can become the star of a recreational and educational experience. Through simple exercises in pairs, with or without tools, the children are led to improve their coordinative qualities, balance, joint mobility, perception and use of space and time, perception and awareness of their body, self-control of their movements, respiration and energy capacities.

Laughter Yoga

Innovative technique based on physical exercise that allows you to laugh for no reason. The laboratory of Laughter Yoga aims to re-establish a playful and joyful contact to help the children become more aware of themselves, increasing self-esteem and creativity. In the overall development of the workshop the children will learn some techniques to laugh at themselves and for no reason, there will be moments dedicated to the perception of breath and also to achieve a positive familiarity with silence.

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